Commercial Break fans, get ready!  Our next guest is Lori Alan!


Not only will you recognize this wonderfully talented actress from some of your favorite commercials like this Geico ad…

…but you’ll also recognize Lori’s voice from blockbuster animated movies and television shows!

Check out her IMDB page here!

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I was watching 24 on Netflix the other day, just because I could.  It’s great background noise.  Lo and behold, I recognized a voice.  Looking up, I saw our Commercial Break friend, Ajay Mehta.

Ajay was playing an Ambassador to the United States on 24 Day Six (Season Six) for a multi-episode arc.   I don’t usually go all fan-boy but in the moment I was like “Hey!  I co-interviewed that guy!”

I decided to check on Ajay via IMDB and Wikipedia, etc. to see what he’s been up to since guesting on Commercial Break to promote Fiber One.

Turns out Ajay has been all over TV, appearing on hit series like Modern Family, Royal Pains, and 2 Broke Girls.

Ajay also made an appearance in the summer blockbuster G.I. Joe : Retaliation.

Ajay most recently turned up on TV Land’s The Exes and has an all-new Snapple ad.

Ajay was a such a joy to have on Commercial Break; we hope he comes back soon!

In the meantime, revisit Ajay’s Commercial Break episode in its entirety here:






Commercial Break Alum Goes Mad!

Commercial Break alum, Sadie Alexandru, recently joined the cast of the hit AMC series Mad Men.  Mad Men was already a great show, but to see Sadie pop up in Don Draper’s boardroom is an extra treat!

Sadie joins the fifth season of the Emmy Award winning series as a secretary named Scarlett.  It’s not like Sadie wasn’t already working a lot to begin with.

Among her credits are the Mandeville Films feature “Broken Horses” starring Anton Yelchin and Vincent D’Onofrio; “Lucy in the Sky with Diamond” starring Lou Diamond Phillips; and “Kittens in a Cage” starring Joel McHale, Michelle Monaghan and Amy Brenneman.

Sadie has also donned her producers cap, having co-produced  and performed in the independent film “Act Naturally,” which won the United Film Festival’s audience choice award.

But here at Commercial Break we’ll always fondly think of Sadie from from her “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” commercial campaign.  You can view Sadie’s full Commercial Break episode here:



We wish continued success to Sadie in all her endeavors, and we can’t wait to see what happens in season six of Mad Men.

In the meantime, don’t forget to watch the next episode of Commercial Break when we interview another commercial star: Anderson Davis the Zesty Kraft Guy!



The Zesty Kraft Guy!

Commercial Break fans, get ready. Our next guest for the current season of Commercial Break is the Kraft Zesty Guy, Anderson Davis. He is apparently SO zesty, Kraft may need to start renaming their dressings UNdressings. Check out one of his Kraft spots, here:

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Mike’s Ad Vault #2

One way to chart the evolution of television commercials is to follow a specific product. Razors and shaving products for example. Personally, I shave with a Gillette Sensor Excel, which – according to the current onslaught of saving ads – is woefully out of date. But when I first bought it, it was like showing a caveman fire. Or a razor.

Check out this 1950’s ad gem portraying a quainter and simpler time, for both shaving and the country.

Oh, if only those guys could still play; the Dodgers need some help.

Ten years later, Gillette would already be tinkering with clever ways to shave. Still one blade, but nine staggering settings!

As early as the 1970’s, Gillette would be doubling the number of blades sliding around your jaw with this Trac II. And like movie sequels, once Roman numerals get involved things are about to go out of control.

The Mach 3 is likely a familiar ad from the modern age of shaving. We’ve apparently grown accustomed to multiple blades. Also, we’ve apparently grown accustomed to two adult men sharing a bathroom.

But it’s not just the men who need more than one blade. Here’s a German spot for the Gillette Venus Divine. It’s got Fahrvergnügen!

I think I speak for the women when I say: Ouch!

By now, simply shaving wasn’t enough. Enter the Fusion Pro Glide Styler, offering a three-in-one shaving kit. Also, three celebrities. Because if you’re not shaving like Andre 3000, Adrien Brody and Gael Garcia Bernal, then you just aren’t doing it right.

At some point, this whole idea of upping-the-ante with razors got absurd. Saturday Night Live has done not one, but two parody commercials to this effect, but thanks to NBC and Hulu they are impossible to find unless you pay. Not to worry; this MadTV parody ad makes the point for free and does it perhaps even better.

Where does the arms race of shaving end? It doesn’t. It just begins again. Watch this unassuming hero upending and reinventing the world of shaving and razor-related-advertising.

That’s all for now, Ad Fans.

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CB Guest Kenny Stevenson’s hit film is Reviewed on Huffpost!

Remember this guy?

kenny cb

Kenny Stevenson was our post Superbowl guest on Commercial Break on February 2012 and he was hilarious so check out the episode by clicking the picture above!  Kenny has been in a ton of commercials you may remember him from Geico ads or sketches on Funny or Die. The wonderfully talented Kenny Stevenson is at it again except this time he’s starring in a self made and well received independent film Love, Sex & Missed Connections instead of a commercial. Kenny came to CB as one of the Top 20 Men in Commercials today but Kenny also acts in a variety of other projects including a film he was able to get produced through Kickstarter. You can read about his amazing journey here at a link to the Huffpost.

According to the Huffpost review of his film “Freshman director Kissack delivers a funny, well-paced film, and the clever script offers some fresh twists and turns in the romcom genre. There’s also a benefit to having it peopled by able actors who aren’t readily recognizable: The characters feel more like real people as you’re watching, without any of that pesky, “Hey, I’m watching George Clooney!” getting in the way.”

Huffpost also mentions that “In its life as a film festival darling, the picture has won numerous awards, including the American Independent Award at the Cleveland Film Festival, the Audience Award at the New Hanpshire Film Festival, the Special Jury Prize for First Time Director at the Traverse City Film Festival, and many others. The movie premieres in selected cities and theaters this week, and is available for screening and as a DVD through the movie’s official website.”



Mike’s Ad Vault #1

I’ve been watching Television since before I was born; I swear I heard the hospital room TV while I was still in the womb.  If I was a late birth, it was only because I was waiting for that night’s episode of Streets of San Francisco to end.  So I’ve got a few decades of commercial TV viewing under my belt.  In that spirit, here is my first batch of notable Ad Vault ads from my lifetime.

Ad #1:

Calgon, Take me Away!  One of my earliest commercial memories is now, in hind sight, blatantly racist against “the Orient.”  Still, the ad is iconic and I continue to make that “ancient Chinese secret” joke a ton, though I usually have to explain why.



Ad #2:

A catchy ad jingle is one you’re still singing years later.  Maybe this one is catchy, maybe I just love McDonald’s.  But check out this easy-to-remember recipe for the Big Mac.



Ad #3:

It seems silly now, but there was a time when this entire country was asking one question: Where’s the beef?  And this is another case where the commercial far exceeds the quality of the product being advertised.  (Sorry, Wendy’s!)




Ad #4:

Listening to XM radio the other day, Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger came on.  But instead of the actual lyrics, I sang “Glen!  Glen, Glen, Glen!”  Here’s why:



Ad #5:

And, for my money, the best sports related ad ever produced.  There was a time when kids could actually run into players in tunnels.  But that was way before Event Staff.



That’s all for now; stay tuned for another batch of Mike’s Ad Vault.  Be sure to let us know your favorite commercials, either here or on Twitter @commercialtv!  New Commercial Break episodes are coming soon!



Next Episode of Commercial Break – Mariel Booth

On June 22nd, 2013 we kick off our fourth season of Commercial Break at! Our last season was incredible with an awesome lineup of interesting guests. Mike and I are excited for our fourth season. Our first episode we will be featuring actress and model Mariel Booth. You may remember Mariel from the State Farm Commercial “State of Disbelief”.

This is the ad where we learn that “they can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true!” Well we learned that a long time ago from our crazy chat stars at thestream! Mariel is a graduate of NYU and worked in New York as a model. You can find Mariel in the famous sketch by the BritaNick youtube stars where she plays a dog that is magically turned into a model…like Mariel Booth. This sketch has over 9 million views and if you love the show “Castle” you should definitely watch it.

We are thrilled and honored to be able to interview Mariel. We think her comedic timing is priceless and that this commercial star has one bright future! You can read more about her also at the tumblr “Who’s that Hot Ad Girl?”